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Implementation of process digitalization tools
  • $1,51 million

    Economic benefits of implementing the company's products
Our goal is to help Russian industrial enterprises save one hundred million dollars by means of implementing proprietary digitalization tools
Moving forward
Company’s History
The company first appeared as an IT department within the Moskabelmet group of companies. In a short time, numerous digital solutions were created that helped the parent company improve its labor productivity and become a leader in the Russian digitalization market. In 2022, the IT department spun off into a separate company called MOSITLAB. Each enterprise in the manufacturing sector can take advantage of our company’s cutting-edge IT solutions.
The company is a team of young but experienced developers of industry digitalization solutions. We can promptly find a solution for even the most challenging task. We see no limits whatsoever for the application of our talents. We show keenness and sensitivity towards our customers’ problems.
Company’s Description
Why Are We The Best?
Clear understanding
Since our company was born as a manufacturing enterprise division, our understanding of business issues is much more customer-oriented than that of ordinary programmers.

We have a flexible pricing policy. We establish individual cooperation with each and every customer. We respond to market changes in an agile and dynamic way.

Our prices are always tailor-made since, apart from selling the product itself, it is required to adapt it for the customer and subsequently implement it.

We work on the following terms: if our product helps you save at least 1,000 dollars a month, you get a perpetual license for it for just 1 dollar.

Company’s Products
  • 1C "Model Constructor" - a 1C configuration for the automation of the design and technological preparation of the production process
  • 1С:MES Cable Plant - a 1C configuration which enables automated operational control over the production process
  • APS Infimum - automated optimal planning system
  • “Pechkin” Robot - a highly efficient mail robot
  • “Alina” Robot - a robot designed for identifying the most promising tenders on electronic platforms
  • “SOKOL” PAC (Program Apparatus Complex) - an operating line optical control system
  • “PERIMETER” PAC (Program Apparatus Complex) - a RFID system for monitoring the movement of semi-finished goods, products, and materials at the production site
  • CableJustice Mobile Application - an analytical system for monitoring the compliance of the cable products’ actual parameters with the regulatory requirements
  • Magnetag technology - a RFID system for identifying cable connections
  • Keyholder - an automatic key issuing device
  • Charging station - a device for recharging electric vehicles’ batteries
  • Mobile application on the 1с "LinkingProductRFID" platform
  • Mobile application on the 1c "Testing" platform
  • Mobile application on the 1c "Address warehouse" platform
  • Access Management Control System
  • Facilities and premises CCTV system
  • Production equipment SCADA and power, water, and heat supply systems 1C:Feasibility Study
  • Operator’s actions objective control system
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